Our Products, Fresh Everyday

We believe in using traditional baking methods and processes, focusing on product freshness and quality of ingredients.

Rolls & Breads

We are proud to offer a wide range of freshly baked rolls and breads made from long standing recipes incorporating modern bakery techniques and processes.


Produced by our very own butchers, our tasty savouries are made from quality sourced ingredients and are baked regularly throughout each day.


An eye-catching and ever so indulgent range of hand-decorated cakes await you in our Bayne’s shops.

Fresh Cream Cakes

Our cream cakes are prepared daily and generously filled with freshly whipped cream.


Ranging from classic favourites to modern styles, the perfect range of doughnuts is available in our shops.

Tea Breads

Freshly baked every day our tea bread range comes in a variety of styles.

Filled Rolls

Prepared daily, our generously filled rolls come in a variety of choice and are made on our own freshly baked products.

Hot Filled Rolls

The perfect start of the day comes from a satisfying variety of breakfast rolls prepared by our experienced shop colleagues.

DRINKS and Soups

We offer a wide variety of hot and cold drinks and soups to complement our Bayne’s product range.

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