Bakery Roles

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Bakers and Confectioners

Our bakers are trained over many years to make our artisan breads, rolls, and pastries.  Every day we produce over 15,000 rolls which are proved over 10 hours to make our famous morning rolls, with some recipes which haven`t changed in 100 years. Our Confectionary team are trained to be able to hand decorate our cakes and pastries to an exceptional standard, making up to a 1000, products at a time.  Within the team some confectioners are highly skilled to make a selection of birthday cakes, which are individually hand decorated.
Our Production Operatives work alongside the bakers operating a variety of specialist production machinery along with various packing and finishing responsibilities. Often seen as the first step to being trained up to become skilled bakers over time.

Meat and savoury production

Our meat department team produce all the butchery, sandwich, and savoury products we sell. a highly skilled butchery team handles the raw meat and turns them into breakfast items along with all the savoury filling for each of our award-winning savouries. The team also produce the pastry used for our famous sausage rolls, both by highly skilled bakers but also with the help of some very sophisticated equipment before packing these ready for despatch to our shops.

Bakery Heads and Assistant Heads of Department are responsible for managing the 24 hour, seven days a week shift operation within their own area of expertise and responsibility. As well as producing great quality bakery products, they get stuck in, working with their team – mixing ingredients, baking food, and slicing and packaging. And they also have a keen eye on everyone’s ability to follow food hygiene and quality procedures, not to mention health and safety guidelines. and are there to focus on targets and results.

The Bakery operation is a 7 day working a variety of different shifts both in a part time and full time capacity.

Other roles based in the bakery include:

Technical Services

The Technical team manage the Hygiene team but are responsible for ensuring all food safety legal and compliance standards and processes are up to date to keep our customers and business safe.


Our Hygiene team work on site to ensure our bakery is cleaned to very high standards, the role can by varied from cleaning offices and public area, to mopping, scraping and floor scrubbing the bakery or operating Our industrial basket washing machines which can process over 1000 baskets in a single shift. Some members of the team are also trained in using specialist equipment for deep cleaning various parts of the bakery and the machines used to make our famous pies and sausage rolls.

The team are also responsible for handling all the waste from our bakery and shops, ensuring that as much waste is sent for recycling as possible. Our Warehouse Teams ensure the right stock is available at all times.


Our Warehouse Teams ensure the right stock is available at all times from ordering in a wide variety of food and non-food products, taking in deliveries, storing, and then issuing to departments as required.

New Product Development (NPD)

Working with the production team, Our NPD function create and develop new bakery products capturing new key trends, improving quality, sourcing, and testing new ingredients, and organise taste panels to ensure our customers are getting the best choice.

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